“Play iLottery”

The iLottery product suite provides lotteries with a complete 360° spectrum of platforms, games and tools you need to create player-centric, omni-channel, lottery offerings.

When lotteries want to to go online, we offer a complete solution with advanced eCommerce products for subscriptions and wagering including eWallet capabilities, supported by the most advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) and responsible gaming protections available, to ensure secure responsible operations.

Ecommerce API for iLottery with the following endpoints

❇ Customer registration endpoint (GDPR compliant)
❇ Customer data encrypted
❇ KYC upload docs & management endpoint
❇ Secured Cart endpoint with gaming features
❇ Checkout process
❇ PCI DSS compliant secured payment flow for multiple PSP’s
❇ Real time risk filtering and ranking
❇ Order validation process
❇ Submitting (pushing) orders into tickets engine
❇ Front-end Endpoint for all web/app information
❇ Subscriptions service
❇ Affiliate / Acquisition endpoint
❇ Bonus system API gateway

Ecommerce Channels

Omni channel Ecommerce API designed for iLottery & Gaming products.

Purchases, Payments & Winnings

Consumer managed payments deposits or withdrawals - get access to all personal transactions history. Lotteries can pay winnings directly to the player account. PCI compliant platform for collecting processing and storing all card and bank account information

Player Management

The iLottery management tool was created thanks our deep knowledge and experience in the lottery industry, and enables lotteries manage players across all channels.
It is a comprehensive, administrative system with the capability to strengthen business agility.

❇ Manage Players Accounts
❇ All Games and Game Systems
❇ Payment Systems
❇ Responsible Gaming Limits Geo-location Player Identityand Age Verification.
❇ Campaigns & Player Communications Second Chance,Loyalty, and Rewards.
❇ Promotions APIs for Third-Party Integrations (banking,games, communications)

Analytics, Reporting & Management

Easily manage interactive analytics channel offerings using advanced tools that organize and accurately analyse loads of data coming from all activities.

❇ Customizeble KPI‘s & dashboards for management divisions.
❇ Gaming analysis BI with felxible customization
❇ Personlized Ecommerce activity reports.
❇ Fraud,Risk & Abuse alerts,player risk score
❇ Customizble financial reporting.
❇ 3rd Party secured integration points

Integrated wallet system

❇ Payments & Withdrawals
❇ Winning Distribution
❇ Bonuses, Loyalty, Subscriptions
❇ CRM Endpoints – Inserts &Reads
❇ Balance Functions
❇ 3rd Party Game Providers Endpoints
❇ Front-end Library (e.g. my accountviews)

iLottery - Hosting The Platform

Our API’s are divided by engine & designed as micro services.
❇ Compliant & certified private Cloud solution.
❇ Private network which supports our technology & API’s.
❇ Separated application instances.
❇ Highest level of application security & data protection.
In Rest & In Transit.
❇ Protection of customer data is audited inaccordance with FedRAMP, NIST 800-53, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 requirements.

Lift Up The Traditional Lottery

into multi-channel online expiriance